"What do they sound like? Most would call it Americana, or roots rock. It also has clear influences of country and bluegrass, with the occasional mandolin thrown in. Kate and Corey are truly unique artists with a unique sound. Their songs are well-written, with lyrics that both tell their story and tell who they are." - Artvoice


"Not many bands can re-produce the excitement of their live shows onto a CD, but Kate and Corey have mastered it" - La Vie Artistique Magazine (Somewhere Else Tonight)


"An amalgamation of brilliant songs!" - Target Audience Magazine (Somewhere Else Tonight)


"Singer/songwriters Kate & Corey are Atlanta transplants- but we love them all the same. Kate & Corey write some beautiful, plucky love songs that serve as a lovely reflection of their lives. Both members of the duo are extremely talented guitar players and have voices that could stand alone beautifully but are even better as they complement each other. The twosome has won and been nominated for numerous awards..." - Atlanta Music Guide 


"The first thing that will catch your attention when you hear Kate and Corey, is Kate Coleman's voice. It's a passionate, flexible instrument rich in emotion and skill. The second notable aspect of the band's music is its easy blend of influences, combining acoustic/electric rock with elements of jazz, blues and country with deceptive ease."- Spartanburg Herald-Journal  

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