Mother of Pearl - Live at 120 Tavern - Marietta, GA

New Free Live Recordings Section


Kate and Corey - Live and Free


We've been recording our shows for a while now, and we thought we should share them with you.

As often as possible, we'll record and upload our concerts for you to have for free.

When I say free, I mean it. No email or signup thing or captcha quandary.

Just click "download" and then, you know.... have them


It's all over at


More will be coming often.

Feel free to share them, trade them for favors, put them all in a pile and dance suggestively around them, whatever you like. They're yours



Holiday Roots Rock Spectacular - This Saturday 12/6 - 120 Tavern - Marietta, GA

New Single - Reckless Guess


Available Now at our Music Store





 (cover art by Pete Maier)


Live at Springwater Supper Club - Nashville, TN

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